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Available Positions:


Quickscrews Basic Benefits:

  • Full Medical, Dental, & Vision plans
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) & Paid Holidays
  • 401K 3% Safe Harbor Plan

Quickscrews Extras:

  • Career Development
    • ​Our company culture focuses on continual improvement, so we're more than willing to help you develop your career along the way. On the job training is a natural part of any good working environment, and we excel at striking the balance between micro-management and blind faith. We aim for an environment where you feel comfortable speaking your mind in order to contribute and grow as an employee.
  • Company-sponsored training + education
    • ​We routinely invest in our employees. Whether it's an excel-sheet training course, or quarterly marketing webinars we encourage initiative and the desire to bring more skills to the table. If you feel that something is missing or holding you back from offering the most you can with your current skill set then we want to work with you to bring you up to speed.
  • Quarterly Social Events
    • We host daily morning meetings to encourage collaboration and share vision on the company's ongoing departments
  • 49ers Season Ticket Opportunities

Here's what our Employees say about Quickscrews: 

Rick Gentry, Executive Vice President, hired in 1988

The opportunities at Quickscrews have been amazing. I started working here in 1988 and have held many positions over the years. Every time a new opportunity opens, the company gives current employees a chance to interview for the job. The track record of promoting within has been a staple for the company and one that many employees have taken advantage of. I have personally worked in sales and marketing. With tasks ranging from Order entry, Outside Sales, Inside Sales, Sales Manager, Marketing, Marketing Manager, Trainer, Purchasing, and Product Development.

Anyone that wants to be able to have a direct impact in the company they work for would get just that from working at Quickscrews. I was just at a party and a guy asked me what I did, I opened up the cabinet and found a screw that I personally recommended we bring in as a stock screw, and was able to tell him, "those are our screws and that is one I actually created from nothing."

We need people that will speak up and say something when they think they have a better idea. People that think outside of the box and are willing to buck the current trend. We want disruptive ideas that will change the direction of our industry as a whole. We currently stock a product that paid not matter to the current products in the market and now we are starting to make a real impact on a growing market.

Before I started working here I always thought I wanted to start my own company, and looking back, I feel like I have had many of the same opportunities one would have running their own company without much of the risk.

Stuart Zins, Senior Sales Specialist, hired in 1989

Why should someone work at Quickscrews over another company?

Quickscrews has an extensive history of long-term employees, both in the office and the warehouse. This is greatly due to how employees are treated by ownership as well as the companies benefit package.

Why should someone spend the next 5-10 years of their life working at Quickscrews?

Even though Quickscrews has been in business for 35 years, QuickBOLT's growth in the solar industry is growing faster than any of its competitors. This is due to our reputation of shipping orders complete and on time, great customer service and having the hottest patented product on the market for asphalt comp roofs.

What type of person would succeed here? 

If you can get behind the product and services you are selling and if you’re looking for a place to settle into, this is the place to be.

Stuart Tinker, Outside Sales (East Coast), hired in 2012

What is the most interesting thing about working here, and about the work you do? 

Quickscrews/Quickscrews gives their employees the opportunity to grow within the company. I mean, Management took a chance on a blue collar warehouse guy and gave me the opportunity to represent them, being their Sales Representative here on the East Coast. I didn’t have any training in Sales, but they stuck by me and taught me the ropes, and I must say I am still learning. What other Sales-oriented companies are going to hire someone without sales experience?

What are some benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started? 

This company really cares about their employees. I learned that just a few months into the job. I started working in the shipping and receiving department where I spent four years. I broke my ankle and my mobility was very limited, I couldn’t perform my duties in the shipping and receiving department. They didn’t boot me out like other companies would have, instead, they gave me the chance to represent them as their first Salesperson on the East Coast.

What are your thoughts about the company’s vision and direction, and your role in helping us achieve them? 

The company’s vision is growth. My role in the company is going out and meeting past, present, and future customers and showing them how their company can benefit from using our products-- ultimately, gaining them as a customer.

What advice would you give a job seeker who’s thinking about applying for a job with us? 

Just to be yourself, and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do? 

The work trips I get to go on traveling to other states representing our company product line.


Mark Buechler, Senior IT Manager, hired in 2016

Working at Quickscrews allows me to work with a great group of people in the exciting renewable energy space. Knowing we are working with a growth plan towards helping solar installers do a better and faster job installing solar makes me feel good about what I do every day.


Corrina Roberts, Marketing Campaign Manager, hired in 2020

How has Quickscrews helped you grow professionally? 

Quickscrews has helped me push my boundaries creatively and expand on how to market unknown territory. Our company is open to the unconventional and always finding new ways to make screws and solar attachments enticing. Quickscrews has also made it possible for me to make my mark in an industry where we are one of the marketing leaders.

What is it like to work at Quickscrews? 

We are a supportive, team-oriented group where everyone always has a door open to help each-other out and work towards our common goals.


Jordan Wofford, CA Warehouse Supervisor, hired in 2021

How has Quickscrews helped you grow professionally? 

Quickscrews has helped me grow from new hire to learning everything I could learn about the warehouse - how it operates, how to put those skills to use and became very good at them. I became warehouse supervisor in about 6-7 months which I am very happy with.

What is it like to work at Quickscrews? 

Working at Quickscrews is the best job that I have ever worked at, the people are very nice and humorous! Everyone helps one another and it is nice how close everyone works with each other.